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Lance Neptune - Animal Eclipse

by Joseph Majsterski Rating:7 Release Date:2016-02-25

Maryland-based Lance Neptune has released a refreshing little set with his Animal Eclipse EP. Though not groundbreaking, it's pleasant, almost like electronic easy listening in places. Which is not to say the album lacks any punch whatsoever. But it is on the mellow, not-quite-ambient side of electonic.

It begins with the title track, a song that reminds me strongly of the calmest moments of Simon Posford's Hallucinogenic work. I kept expecting a sample of someone to start lecturing me about psychedelics during the brief little tune, but it merely faded away into the mist. That's followed up by the swiveling, pulsing electronica of 'Janus', the first of many tracks that make this set sound quite a bit like Spacetime Continuum's last, extremely jazzy ambient album, Double Fine Zone. 'Golden Inferno' has the same style: big, vaporizing synths backed back clattering percussion and some goofy vocals that somehow make me think of Lionrock. The core of this album really feels like a tribute to Jonah Sharp though.

'N4' is even more like Spacetime Continuum, sounding almost like a remix or cover of 'Microjam'. It has the same muted bass, intermittent beats, and glitery spaciness. The only thing it's missing is some harmonica to put it over the top. The final track takes a bit of a turn into a calmer, purer ambient place, with some nice watery samples and a very soothing bank of pads in the forefront. This is the kind of tune you could listen to while doing yoga.

On that note, it's a shame the EP is barely more than 20 minutes, as some of the ideas are intriguing and would have benefitted from further development, especially in the vein of the final, delightful song. As I said, this won't win any awards for innovation, but it's solid and pleasant, and bodes well for Neptune's future output.

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