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Postal Blue - Of Love & Other Affections

by Jeff Penczak Rating:9 Release Date:2015-11-20

Although these twee Brazilians have been around for nearly two decades, this is only their sophomore full-length (numerous EPs and singles have trickled out in the interim). Fans of Sarah’s stable of should’ve-been superstars like Orchids, Another Sunny Day, and any-and-everything with Robert Wratten’s name on it will love it, as should anyone interested in jangly, sunny pop.

‘Bitterness is Sweet’ gallops out of the starting block with a hop, skip, and jump down a sunny garden path, leaving flower petals and broken hearts in its wake. A snappy, Byrdsian spirit also helps get us in a proper happy move straightaway.

‘I Always Knew’ continues to push all my love buttons, sprinkling dollops of vintage Felt-like splendour in its shimmering guitar lines and frothy arrangement. Roberto Adriano’s vocals start to waiver a bit and slide in and out of tune, but the bang-on spirit of fun and frivolity shines through.

     ‘Still Blue’ is a bit more melancholic – the gals’ll love his forlorn, take-me-home-and-take-care-of-me vocals and yearning lyrics. As close to a musical Valentine’s Day card as I’ve heard this year, with many Moz-y signposts and omnipresent jingle-jangle backing to keep Smiths fans on their toes. ‘Isn’t It Funny’ continues the cuddly, boy-next-door antics with Morrissey’s maudlin escapades tripping through the arrangement like a Mack truck barreling down an empty M-1 at 3a.m.

     ‘On and On’ delivers more cascading, glimmering guitar lines to propel you into your happy place, with Adriano pulling out all the stops to make you really, really want to be his BFF and hang out with him and his mates at the next recording session. Simply put, the best spot-on recreation of the halcyon days of Creation and Sarah dominance we’ve heard since, well, Creation and Sarah were gracing the labels of most of the albums in our personal music library.

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