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Golden Daze - Golden Daze

by Jim Harris Rating:6 Release Date:2016-02-19

I can’t think of a more crowded field in alternative music right now than dreamy, lazy surfer-pop, and then you add in moving from the Midwest to the city of derivative copycat music, Los Angeles, and wow, I was more than a little skeptical that Golden Daze would bring anything to the table worth consuming.

But I consumed it and Golden Daze tastes pretty good. With their la-la shimmers of guitars and the laidback execution of most of the tunes, GD has the genre down pat. From the opening track, 'Ghost', you get the vibe that they are more Real Estate than who they claim to be influenced by, Brian Jonestown Massacre. While at times GD attempts, as on the tracks, 'Low' and 'Me Llamo', to dig a little deeper into a psych type song structure, their hearts and guitars, just don’t quite take you there, and with their typical washed-out faux 60s Tommy James meets Beach Boys vocals, the songs that tweak your interest most are the jangly pop of Sleeping in the Sun and Never Coming Back.

But Golden Daze does just enough to keep you listening by at least mixing up the structures and tempos nicely and their self-titled album does evoke a pleasant vibe.  And while they don’t seem to grab you like Tame Impala or the Twerps, or any number of these types of bands, there is potential in their sound.  But frankly, I have grown weary of the glut of dreamy surfer pop and the rippling layers of slickly produced guitars and echoey vocals.  It seems to be masking a lack of creativity in a lot of bands who find this genre an easy target. (Suggestion:  Fuck LA, move to Brooklyn, find a chick with too much black eye makeup who can’t sing as well you guys, put her up front, buy a stomp box, turn the volume up, and try to get a spot opening for A Place to Bury Strangers. Just saying…)

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Too much of this music is simply underwhelming in its languor. But hey, don't diss the Massacre man ! (I know you didn't ....)

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Would never...Ha.

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