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Los Campesinos - Hold on Now, Youngster...

by Luke Frost Rating: Release Date:

Have you ever heard a radio jingle so catchy that you know you'll be humming the damn thing all day? Welcome to the thought-process behind Hold On Now, Youngster…

Los Campesinos! are quickly becoming known for their unique combination of ingenious witty lyrics over fast-paced pop and have created a debut album that is as fun and addictive to listen to as it probably is to play.

Hold On Now, Youngster… is the seven-piece Cardiff band raiding a primary school music classroom and coming out wielding everything from a violin to a glockenspiel - and they are not afraid to use them.

Opening track 'Death to Los Campesinos!' bursts on and before you know what's happening, you are 'do do dooing' like some teenage Pulp fan that has forgotten the words.

For those who have heard earlier singles 'We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives' and 'The International Tweexcore Underground' (neither of which sadly make it onto the album), Hold On Now, Youngster… will not contain any surprises. Namely, just because a song sounds like it has been written for a kid's party does not make it any less worth listening to.

The lack of variety and tone of the album can make it an exhausting listen, and it should not be recommended for pregnant women or those with heart conditions. By the time you have raced through 'Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Breakbeats', 'Don't Tell Me to Do The Math(s)' and 'Drop it Doe Eyes' you are ready for a lie down in a dark room.

But when LC! get this formula right, the result really is perfect. 'This Is How You Spell…' sees a darker more extreme version of the LC! sound, and when front man Gareth delivers his inspired lyrical monologue over something that sounds like it has come from the Halle orchestra, do not be surprised when you get goosebumps.

'You! Me! Dancing!' is already the dancefloor-filler it was clearly designed to be with its Everyman tales of modern romance from nightclubs everywhere. But the real highlight of the album is 'Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks', which demonstrates the boy-girl vocals and short sharp bursts of energy that make Hold On Now, Youngster… such a refreshing listen.

LC! really have perfected the formula for catchy pop, and with Gareth's geeky lyrics of lust and literature we can all relate to, they have turned themselves from being a guilty pleasure into something indie can be proud of. And yet, for some reason you just know that they won't get as much radio airplay as that annoying jingle.

Luke Frost

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