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The Country Dark - Hypnic Jerk

by Rob Taylor Rating:6 Release Date:2016-02-14
Sex-crazed voodoo redneck psychobilly outfit The Country Dark charm the pants off us with an array of double entendres and non-sequiturs, shamelessly oblivious to the opinion of the PC crowd, and having more fun for it. 
Rockabilly meets country hoedown via East Bay Ray on Hypnic Jerk, Country Dark’s latest long player. 
With vocals reminiscent of Michael Keating’s Beetlejuice, and a rough garage aesthetic, it’s a little hard to discern whether ‘Two Dicks in One Hole’ , for instance, is an exposé of the fine art of DP, or a metaphor for something correspondingly smutty.  Or whether ‘Useless (Like Tits on a Boar)’ is ironic or derisory, or both.  What does it matter ? This is retro burlesque, revelling in its own grotesquery. It’s a side-show with a bunch of Finnish blokes celebrating a genre long neglected in modern American music. 
The Country Dark don’t even approximate the musical success of The Cramps, The Trashmen, Southern Culture on the Skids, or The Reverend Horton Heat, but they do go out of their way to be more ribald. The songs titles are there for provocation. 
It’s funny, when some Europeans mimic American art forms , they appropriate the pornographic subtext and make it literal. Why have an imagination when we can be force fed ?  In reality, though the cartoonish music is fun, with repeated listens it devolves into trash. 

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Good review. I couldn't quite get through this one for all the reasons you say.

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Thanks Jim. I kind of liked it at first, but tired of the cheap parody pretty quickly thereafter

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