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Right Hand Left Hand - Right Hand Left Hand

by Brian Lange. Rating:5 Release Date:2016-02-13

Welsh instrumentalists Left Hand Right Hand, consisting of Andrew Plain and Rhodri Viney, are transforming an alt-rock genre and blending it with a jam band mentality.

The dynamic of this record ranges from the upbeat rock music of the 90s to something quasi-experimental, and even goes into a little bit of a dark place at times. The duo seems to mix their roles, both seemingly adept at knob-twiddling and string bending. 

While it is apparent the duo are having fun doing what they do, and while the music isn’t technically bad, they fail to reach beyond the 'art school kids getting together on a Friday night and playing music' thing. How this is any different than any number of examples of a random group of people in a basement just playing music remains to be seen.  Surely friends of the duo love and embrace these grungy gallery shows, hearing this music played live.  But it starts to get incredibly repetitive.  When you transform these collected performances into something physical, it changes what the music is about.  The concept of an album is lost.

Some tracks stand out more than others, but not enough to have the lasting power of a single.  At times, the music feels like it might have the staying power for something new and innovative, but at the end of the day it feels like little more than a couple of hipsters’ art project. 

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