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Electric Eye - Different Sun

by Rob Taylor Rating:7 Release Date:2016-02-05

Interstellar retro-futurists Electric Eye venture through the cosmos, in search of the place where glam rock, concept rock and psychedelia collide at high speed, constructing bridges between irregular galaxies. Like Americans Maserati, these Norwegians aren’t afraid to explore long-form conceptual music, loosely aligning themselves the 1970s-era space-rock of Hawkwind and Pink Floyd.

Despite the intrinsic seriousness of Different Sun, Electric Eye appear to have the ability to poke fun at themselves. Sojourns of glam rock and funk interject, re-touching the faded technicolour of their psychedelic classicism. On ‘Mercury Rise’, they expropriate Marc Bolin’s ‘Get It On’ and like some chromatic aberration, the music segues into a diffuse classical jam with hints of raga mysticism.

Similarly on ‘Heavy Steps on Desert Floor’ the lead guitar pipes up in periodic relief to play a yearning phrase, one in keeping with the transcendental subtext. On ‘Never Fade Away’ some great funky guitar partly, but unfortunately not wholly, distracts from the wooden vocals. The unconvincing lyrical voice can tarnish some of Electric Eye’s work. Less so on ‘Bless’ which has a more typical song structure.

Electric Eye are more inclined to user-friendly groove than turgid jam session, so the occasional drift through classic rock’s forbidden prism of pseudo-intellectual nonsense doesn’t appear to harm them greatly. The secret is in the hook and swagger, loosening the sludge which buries a lot of this kind of music.

Closer ‘Part One’ is ambient post-rock which builds to a lovely restorative coda. A statement of intent let’s hope.

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