The Soft Moon - Deeper Remixed VOL. 1

by Brian Lange. Rating:7 Release Date:2016-02-05

Remix albums are a tricky one. A lot of the time they come off as an opportunity for extra cash, other times they seem like entirely different and unique albums, sometimes it just feels like a weird sort of compilation album.

Being unfamiliar with the source material may not at all be an issue with Deeper Remixed Vol. 1.  Much like HEALTH’s DISCO, which was easily a stand-alone record that was perhaps even stronger than it’s parent record, Deeper Remixed is another volume of dark techno beats that will be sure to satisfy you. Boasting contributions from Trentemoller, Fango, and Codex Empire among others, the sounds are like that of thematic compilation records of the early 00s, filled with the best of the best.  Artists you probably never heard of, quite possibly never will again, but deliver some of the sickest beats possible. 

This is definitely the kind of stuff that raves are made of; just dark enough to steer away the frathouse bros, but with that catchy je ne sais quoi that would be *happily* accepted into gothic industrial circles.. you know, the good kind of club music.

In sum, this is a good collection of remixes.  It’s the sort of thing apropos for a get-together at your place or the sort of thing akin to a goth club.   

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