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Bloc Party - Intimacy

by Will Kitson Rating: Release Date:

After the disappointing anti-climax of their second album, Intimacy seems to have concluded Bloc Party's transition into finding their new sound, after an awkward medium that was Weekend in the City. The brave, carefully constructed tones of the album remind us of what this band are all about and how they blasted onto the scene with their debut record Silent Alarm.

Intimacy starts in epic fashion with 'Ares', a masterful cocktail of sounds that pushes in and out of itself with beautifully controlled finesse. 'Mercury' and 'Halo' continue to build up momentum whilst bringing back nostalgia of Silent Alarm. 'Biko' anchors this energetic explosion of the first three tracks wonderfully, and the touching simplicity of the piece is fused with subtle hints of electronica, one of the better examples on the album of the band's new musical direction.

I wouldn't say that the rest of the album fizzles out after 'Biko', but the remaining tracks don't quite live up to the expectations promised by the first four. They generally seem to relapse and form one long montage without the perks and vigour we might have come to expect from Bloc Party. However, notable exceptions should be mentioned. Kele Okereke shows his experience and growth with his superb harmonisations on the dulcet track, 'Signs' whilst 'Trojan Horse' is a revitalising realisation that Intimacy is indeed a success.

It's hard to get too excited about this album, but it is a definite relief to know that the band have risen above the uncomfortable sound they created for Weekend in the City whilst continuing to push forward and keep up with the electro-indie genre. Certainly worth a listen thanks to a few fresh and innovative tracks.

Best tracks: 'Mercury', 'Halo' 'Biko'

Will Kitson

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I like your review. For me top tracks are Halo, Trojan Horse, One Month Off, Zephyrus, Talons and Better than Heaven.

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I really felt like they nailed the sensitive side of Bloc Party while still rocking hard, even with a more processed sound.

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