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De Rosa - Weem

by Brian Lange. Rating:6 Release Date:2016-01-27

When indie meets post-rock, it might sound a little like this. It doesn’t seem quite gloomy enough to come from Glasgow, but De Rosa indeed hails from Scotland and has opened for bands such as Mogwai, Doves, and Arab Strap.

In relatively recent years, indie bands popularized the 'ensemble' harmonized chorus trend, and De Rosa is no exception. Lead singer Martin John Henry has that airy and fragile voice apropos the accompanying sounds. There’s a lot of doubling up of vocal tracks, which add a certain richness to the music, but it can also detract from the lyrics which are meant to be heard. 

There seems to be a folk influence on this record. Sometime the instruments come clashing in with an overabundance of percussion sounds; the xylophone, hand drums, maracas, and other “gypsy-like” instruments.  Though largely considered to be a guitar-based band with alternative influences, Weem comes off as hybrid-esque because of the various amounts of influences put into this record.  It also has an ominous feel to it; is it unsettling?  Hopeful?  Sad?  As is life, not everything is so black and white.  It could be all of these things.

The record lacks a little bit of variance.  A lot of the tracks seem to blend into one of the same sort of sounding song.  If you like that song, you’re in luck but the record would benefit from more variety.  This album certainly has the ability to be a great record but overall it falls a little short of the mark.   

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