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Odd Nosdam - ‘T r i s h’ EP

by Joseph Majsterski Rating:6 Release Date:2016-01-17

Two years ago Odd Nosdam released Trish on casette only. It's fuzzy and melancholy, appropriately, as it's a tribute to deceased Broadcast vocalist Trish Keenan, who died unexpectedly of pneumonia at the too-young age of 42. Now, it's getting a more complete digital release.

The set is full of crackly, hazy layers of sound, with only occasional vocals seasoning the music here and there. Mostly it's a reverie drifting through gauzy guitars and beats. The lead track, 'Taikair', is a disjointed, rambling, spacey piece that moves through a few different sections that don't follow any standard song structures. Most of the album does that: songs show up, hang out for a while, and end. There isn't anything resembling verses and choruses, just a lot of repetition with occasional shifting of gears.

'Ladders', for example, feels like a staticky radio drifting down into the depths of an ocean, with one small area adding in some scratchy guitar sounds before it fades back into an even hazier final section. Other songs bring to mind ghostly ships floating through clouds or beams of energy breaking down into crumbled bits of concrete.

The EP ends with the title track, defintely the most pensive, loaded with cathedralesque organs and hopeful vocals floating and echoing through the space created. It's not upbeat, for sure, but it's not completely miserable either, which is an adequate summary of most of the music here. It's sad, but also something of an affirmation. Life is short, folks; make the most of it.

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