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Turin Brakes - Lost Property

by Dan Clay Rating:8 Release Date:2016-01-29

It’s been a funny ride for Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian in the last 15 years or so. After their storming debut, The Optimist, emerged on the scene post-Britpop, it seemed the melodic duo were heralding the start of an acoustic wave, something their follow-up, 2003’s Ether Song, seemed to confirm. However, since then they’ve been only a modest success with the likes of JackinABox and 2013’s lazy We Were Here never really striking a chord with the musical public at a time when Mumford & Sons began to take on the world with their own brand of acoustic hittery.

Thankfully, then, their latest release – Lost Property – finds them firmly at home. While opening track ‘96’ shows the boys have lost none of their harmonic, melodic touch, it’s actually the likes of the superb and snappy ‘Keep Me Around’ and the more lounge-esque efforts ‘The Quiet Ones’ and the title track which ease you into the album from the off.

However, after the more upbeat ‘Rome’ it’s on the wonderful ‘Save You’ and ‘Jump Start’ that the pair bring out their big guns; the latter a classic Brakes tune, all guitar strums and harmonics while the former showcases the pair’s softer side on the closest to a ballad the boys will get. It’s a standout tune on a hugely enjoyable album.

So without wanting to quote the cliché the band have returned to form it’s clear Lost Property is just that with a rejuvenation so welcoming and enriching it’s now time to see if the duo will push forward to acclaim they deserve or if they’ll put the brakes on once more. Let’s hope it’s the former; after all now Mumford have gone electric we need a little acoustic magic once more.

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