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Sea Pinks - Soft Days

by Jim Harris Rating:8 Release Date:2016-01-08

Sea Pinks, a Belfast band, has a new set of strong, guitar-based surfer rock called Soft Days, and it appears they have reduced down to a three-piece. Soft days, as I interpreted the Irish meaning to be, is getting gently drenched with surf spit, so to speak, and while the surf spit I am familiar with is usually accompanied by the foam of cheap beer (Daytona Beach), this 39-minute gem lives up to an Irish coastal town equivalent. 

The scuzzy, immaculately executed songs, while occasionally up-tempo, are primarily washed upon beach-pop excursions that call to mind early R.E.M. and My Morning Jacket, and on the front part of the album, remind me of early Real Estate mixing with the hipster surf-rock of the first Twerps album.  But Sea Pinks has a unique vocalist in Neil Brogan, who’s voice is laid back but still brings a borderline manic intensity front and center occasionally, as on the first track ‘(I don’t feel like)Giving In’.  His vocals occasionally sound like they are coming from several feet away from the mike, but it’s still a powerful voice that adds considerably to the quiet, yet intricate guitar and bass accompaniments.

Sea Pinks make no pretense, as they are a pop band.  The temperature of most of the tunes are luke warm and drenched in a low-key intensity, but are so damn well constructed you can’t help but enjoy them.  And just about when you are about to get lulled into being bored with this low-key surfer stuff, the album, beginning with the rather lyrically inane, ‘Yr Horoscope’ ratchet up the tempo and the scuzz on the remaining tracks with the final three songs that really make the whole album well worth listening to.  If they follow in the Real Estate vein, they will probably ratchet everything up on their next album, and if they retain such song craft, it will be well worth following up with Sea Pinks.  A strong release to start the year.

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Had a listen today. Very catchy especially Down Dog. I reckon their sound would transfer well live on the festival circuit.

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