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Hotpants Romance - It's a Heatwave

by Rich Morris Rating:10 Release Date:

Three girls playing stripped down riot grrrl rock, while wearing hotpants and grinning like Cheshire cats slaughtered on maximum strength MDMA - as genius concepts go it's right up there with flushing toilets. Laura, Lowri and Kate, three ladies from Manchester, produced one of the most joyfully unhinged and willfully, gloriously DIY sounds of 2009. It's a Heatwave has just one setting - full-throttle, piss-your-pants punk a la X-Ray Spex mashed with girl group fun and frolics. Like Bananarama if they'd been a no-wave band, or The Shaggs after a Russ Meyer supervixen makeover. Every song is short, loud, hilarious and, within its own idiom, an instant classic.

Best Tracks: 'Hotpants No Chance', 'Shake', 'Heatwave'

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