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HEALTH - Get Color

by Rich Morris Rating: Release Date:

Having emerged from the LA scene centred on venue The Smell, HEALTH broke free of their noise-rock tag with their second album by doing the most taboo thing a band of their ilk can do - go disco. And bloody brilliant it is too. Get Color's first single 'Die Slow' sounds like a body-popping Transformer, its flawless Chic strut and cattle-prod glitch interjections making it a perfect indie disco slayer.

But Get Color is not the work of a band that's sold its soul for some bland Killers crossover action - much of the album churns with barely contained hate, fear, lust, rage… Y'know, the good stuff. Nor has the band left behind its roots. The writhing bacchanalia of 'Death+' has Alec Empire's grubby prints smeared all over its quivering, defiled body, while 'Eat Flesh' is as downright deranged as anything The Boredoms have chucked up. Frontman Jake Duzsik's androgynous, dislocated vocals float above the chaos, sounding like a mortified spectre at the android-pagan orgy on the twitching, ever-oscillating closer 'In Violet'.

With Get Color HEALTH located their own breed of funk. And it rocked like a motherfucker.

Best Tracks: 'Die Slow', 'In Violet', 'Death+'

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