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Casual Sect - The Hidden Persuaders

by Joseph Majsterski Rating:6 Release Date:2016-01-18

It's not often you find an album where the musicians clearly just don't give a fuck. Yet that's the case with The Hidden Persuaders, a noisy bit of mayhem by Casual Sect. There's a simple formula at play here: pick a single idea, and hammer away at it for a minute or two before moving on to the next idea. This is perfectly illustrated by the opener 'World War Two (Part Two)'. That title is pretty much the entirety of this one minute blast.

The band gives a shoutout to an obvious influence with the track 'Fungazi', which is just the tiniest bit mellower than most of the tracks here, but their relentless pounding and yelling also brings to mind the manic rage of Atari Teenage Riot. On 'Icke Was Right', though, you get the feeling their repeating declarations to "wake up sheeple!" are (mostly) tongue-in-cheek.

The band gets a bit more organized with 'I Hate Jazz', which actually rocks out in a more traditional fashion before the screaming chorus comes crashing through the center of the song and things get all messy again. And it's followed immediately by 'You Fucked Up', 40 seconds of pure recrimination as told by shouts, walls of guitar noise, and pounding drums.

But they give away the game with 'Large Hardon Collider' (that's not a typo), another minute-long sketch underpinned by pure silliness. The final track, 'Cole Bloat', is another more coherent song that nonetheless is a balls-out rocker.

If you want some really aggressive, but not too-serious power punk, this is a perfect fit. It blows through nine tracks of crashing, exploding ridiculousness in just 17 minutes. It's like a fun-size Snickers bar with firecrackers instead of peanuts.

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