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Peace And Love Barbershop Muhammad Ali and Druggy Pizza - Split 3

by Jim Harris Rating:7 Release Date:2015-12-17

Stolen Body Records have released a split album with two oddly and playfully named bands, Druggy Pizza and Peace and Love Barbershop Muhammad Ali, for an album called Split 3. It’s an interesting approach for showcasing a sampling of these two bands.

Druggy Pizza is a pretty solidly punk band with comic book song titles like ‘Pizza in My Veins’, ‘No Crust’, and ‘Boogie Booger’ and their sound is that choppy, pounding, misdirected guitar and vocals reminiscent of Public Image Limited. (They even have a song called ‘1981’.)

The other band, Peace and Love Barbershop Muhammad Ali, have to have one of the oddest names out there, and their sound is solidly in that druggy psych mid-90s sound made famous by the Warhols and early BJM.  It is clever and attitude-drenched out of your garage psych that is less abrasive than the other band and thus a bit more mainstream in its reach.  This band sounds grungy at times and metal at other times, but mainly sticks to a rocking, slacker lazy psych feel that should appeal to a wider audience.

Oddly, there seems an unevenness throughout both sides of this album.  Each band has at least one filler type track that must mean, since they shared an album, neither band has enough material to fill a whole album.  Still Druggy Pizza has a compelling punk ethic that demands more listens and PLBMI can hold their own with any lovers of that slacker bluesy psych that blew through the West Coast of America in the mid-90s.  It will be interesting to see if they are mere curiosity bands Stolen Body Records is throwing out there or bands trending up.  I would say they were both trending up, but we will see.

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