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Autechre - Quaristice

by Rich Morris Rating: Release Date:

Some things just refuse to age; the timeless but ever-evolving sound of Rochdale duo Autechre being one of them. Fifteen years into their career, Rob Brown and Sean Booth released one of their best efforts.

The stately analog swoon of opener 'Altibzz'; the neon-splatter seizure of 'FwzE'; the malfunctioning beat-box of 'The Plc' - this record is a Frankenstein's monster conglomeration of the best bits of every twisted Electro beast to emerge from the North of England in the last 25 years.

Beyond that, Quaristice contains a seductive, velvety darkness in its more ambient tracks. 'Notwo' rumbles with suppressed menace, while the yawning synth vortex that constitutes standout track 'Paralel Suns' feels impressively depthless.

Best tracks: 'Paralel Suns', 'Altibzz', 'The Plc'

Richard Morris

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