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jennylee - Right On!

by Jeff Penczak Rating:7 Release Date:2015-12-15

El Lay female quartet Warpaint’s self-titled sophomore release was one of my favourite albums last year, but the band were apparently unable to feed off the accolades as all the members seem to have moved on to solo projects and/or are collaborating with other performers. The fact that their website also seems to have been hijacked by nasty hackers also doesn’t bode well for their future. So for now we’ve got the debut solo release from bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg, billing herself as jennylee. Things are off to a slow-w-w start with the creepy, creeping ‘Blind’, a molasses drip that may emulate stumbling around in the dark, but isn’t really much of a “song”. ‘Boom Boom’ is an improvement, not unlike Bjork’s ‘Human Behaviour’ with an even funkier backbeat.

           The lead single ‘Never’ is an early highlight, a new wavey gothic crunch that’ll please old school fans of Siouxsie, Toyah, and their ilk, while ‘Long Lonely Winter’ is perfect for hunkering down with a hot toddy and a good book during same. Lindberg adds some interesting affects to goose up the mesmerising ‘Bully’ and dancefloors will throb enthusiastically to the sinewy snakecharmer, ‘Riot’. Lindberg goes from strength to strength on the sultry ‘He Fresh’, but ripping off George Harrison’s ‘Something’ to provide lyrics for ‘Offerings’ isn’t too original. The song’s pretty bitchin’, though. Finally, I’d suggest dropping the experimental gobbledigook of ‘White Devil’, and ‘Real Life’’s a real bummer of an ending. Not exactly leaving us jumping in the aisles begging for more, but most of what proceeded was worth the price of admission.

           So if it’s time to peel off the Warpaint, so be it. Shame, because the gals really had something going there. But this is as good a way as any to get over the disappointment. Dark, foreboding, downbeat, sexy... Yeah, I can go for that!

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