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Lenin Death Mask - Three Hits

by D R Pautsch Rating:7 Release Date:2015-12-16

Hailing from Aberdeen, Lenin Death Mask announce themselves with their third short-form release following two earlier singles. Described as math rock this is guitar-led indie music and this three track EP is an angsty affair that screams for attention while also being intelligent melody-driven music.

Lead track '7/4 Boreline' not only is titled like a Broken Social Scene track, it echoes it at times with its breakdown of noise that blurs vocals and guitars. It's probably the best track here. The three-phase 'Wounded' starts out as a semi-acoustic number that cleverly turns into a rather romping rock song where the guitar is front and centre, and at times sounds like its chiming noise is a celebration before it departs into a drum driven finale.  Its heady stuff.  Kindness clocks in just over a minute and its shouty vocal is a joy, it sound like a fun number that would be great live.

EP's are meant to announce the arrival of bands and tantalize more to come.  LDM have done that here.  Job well done

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