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O Emperor - Lizard

by Jim Harris Rating:4 Release Date:2015-11-25

O Emperor is a talented Irish band that throws a lot of indie tweaks and turns and bleeps into this four-track EP which essentially did not impress me much. At best, it conjures up the worst of indie-pop from the 80s: each and every song sounds incredibly cluttered, like a clown troop stuffed into an oversized carnival ride. (Horns honking…)

The opening track, ‘The Sky is Your Oyster’, is way too 80s, way to bouncy, and you can just see their pretty little heads swaying as they tinkle out the musical drivel. It doesn’t get any better on ‘Bogue’, except the higher-pitched vocals are even more stomach turning. It borders on a New York lounge act I once saw where all the players of the spotlighted orange spike-haired musicians in matching black mini-skirts ended their set by playing a silly techno version of ‘Shout’ (And wasn’t Tears for Fears obnoxious?).

O Emperor try to salvage this atrociously long ep some by sounding like the very best of Brian Wilson in his least ambitious form on the final track, ‘Trash Club.’  Supposedly this band has their own recording studio now and well, let’s hope they blow it up sooner rather than later…

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