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Ty Segall - Ty Rex

by Jeff Penczak Rating:1 Release Date:2015-11-28

In case you missed Ty’s Record Store Day Marc Bolan tributes from 2011 and 2013, Goner have done you the favour of compiling them into this handy catchall and then tossed in a previously unreleased T. Rex cover (‘20th Century Boy’) to complete the package (and attract the attention of those Segall completists who DID bag these tracks first time around). The fun begins in TYpical TY fashion with a fuzz-drenched, overmodulated raping of Beard of Star’s ‘Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart’ that sucks the life out of the funky, chunky original. He even manages to make Marc’s trademark goat bleats sound like someone stuck a hot poker up his bum. Worse still, he delivers the lyrics as if he’s already bored with the whole thing...and this is just the opening track.

           The Slider is pillaged for two tracks, a ‘lude-laden somnambulist snooze through the title track, and an embarrassing, screeching ‘Buick Mackane’ that’s so distorted and buried under fuzz-drenched wankery that I worried my woofers and tweaters were gonna crack. I guess when you’re doing everything yourself you skimp on a few details, like monitoring your levels to make sure they’re not all in the red so we can actually hear the damn thing without our ears bleeding.

           But wait...there’s more. ‘Woodland Rock’ sounds like The Cramps covering Eddie Cochran as if good ol’ Lux took singing lessons from Sid Vicious. I could go on, but you get the picture – set the amps on stun, slide your levels up to 15, and fuck off for half an hour like a bunch of schoolkids trying to annoy as many neighbours as possible. It’s goddamn embarrassing and an insult to Marc Bolan. If you’re a Segall fan, this lo-fi crap is pretty rough going, but you may know what to expect going in. If you’re a Bolan fan, check out the infinitely superior “tribute” from Outskirts of Infinity guitarist Bari Watts, There Was A Time, which at least makes the effort to respect Bolan’s songwriting and arranging by capturing the spirit of the man, not burying it in a sea of incompetence.

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