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Lanterns On The Lake - Beings

by D R Pautsch Rating:8 Release Date:2015-11-18

Three albums in and Lanterns on the Lake must be one of the most unappreciated bands around. Their first album was a delicate debut and the follow-up was widely appreciated but failed to break through. Here they are building on those efforts to provide a piece of music that swoons and whispers into you psyche and makes you appreciate them even more. 

One of the things that separate out LotL from their peers is that their albums sound like one piece of work rather than a disjointed amalgam of songs. They are a band that is evolving in their sound and members (no album has the same line-up so far) and the output seems all the better for it.

What marks this as different from previous efforts is the range of tempo and mood. 'Faultline' is a much more up-tempo number than some of the delicate offerings that LotL have had previously. It is smooth as silk but sound like it sits alongside War on Drugs recent efforts sonically, yes it builds like most LotL songs, but it also has hooks and a chorus.  The title track defines epic lo-fi, a genre few thought would exist five years ago.  The whole album is a piece of work that quietly imprints its sound into your subconscious before leaving the wistful feeling of wanting to hear it again.  Its light, deft touches are sometimes taken over by riffs and drums, such as on Stuck for an Outline. But don’t worry Send Me Home is a real delicate moment and it’s not raucous or loud, just beautiful.  The album has more instruments, more propulsion and more intensity than previous efforts.  It sounds like an album that soundtracks the aftermath of a disaster.  Yet it has space and beauty within it and is all the better for the approach it takes

Lanterns on the Lake deserve more praise, more success and more recognition for their previous albums.  They deserve it even more now after this one.

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