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Six Organs of Admittance - Hexadic II

by Hayden Harman Rating:7 Release Date:2015-11-20

The sign of the letter is the designation of the division, the voice told me deep down, though I was alone. The voice was solely circular, but not around me. It came from inside me.

The voice belonged to Ben Chasny, the mind and hands behind Six Organs of Admittance. I heard it in a dream. In the dream Chasny told me not to worry; he must have sensed I was struggling with his recent music. He told me that his music should be felt, and I told him I could feel it working in my subconscious, then I asked him if that was the same thing. He responded that it was not. As he spoke, I imagined Bert Jansch behind me, quietly strumming, but I couldn’t be certain it was him. You can’t really be certain of anything in dreams.

I promised Chasny I would do my best to write about his music. He told me, The sounds move in circles, not unlike the sun. But there is havoc sung through these strings. When I woke up, I paused Hexadic II, which had been playing on repeat all night, and I stumbled out of bed to write this review.

Hexadic II and Hexadic (released earlier this year) were both created in the same mystical vein. Chasny developed an

utilizing face cards to compose the music on both albums, and the result is unlike any guitar music I’ve heard. At first it reminded me of John Fahey’s later work, but that doesn’t really adequately describe Chasny’s left-hand intricacies or melodic phrasing.

Focusing on individual tracks is useless, the album is a circular experience. Each song is a microcosm of struggling melodies, constantly shifting, sometimes accompanied by Chasny’s esconded falsetto or light strings. Most of the time it feels as if you've happened upon Chasny performing his laments alone in a dark space; you're an intruder instead of a listener. But the music draws you in, deeper into its abysmal spiral. In a word, the album...


Could you attempt to describe the indescribable?


It creeps and quietly sobs.


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Cool review. Nothing has spoken to me in quite the same way, or as articulately, in recent times !

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