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Parquet Courts - Monastic Living [VINYL]

by Rob Taylor Rating:3 Release Date:2015-11-16

Parquet Court’s new EP Monastic Living traverses musical form and lays out 30-odd minutes of experimental musical textures, with little or no tonal centre to any of the nine tracks. There are some brief allusions to their fractured punk rock origins, but by and large, Parquet Courts have abandoned their frat boy agro-punk in favour of no-wave freeform electronica and abrasive guitar noise.

Having joined Rough Trade in recent times, I’m guessing Parquet Courts studied Electronic 01, and thought it might be cool to lay out some oddball experimental transmissions in the hope that the rock press sing loud about their bravery in changing course. They won’t be taking everyone along for the ride though, because much of Monastic Living is excruciatingly repetitive along with being [close to] unlistenable, and frankly dispiriting. Particularly for a fan of their previous material.  

It’s not the avant garde which is the issue here. It’s the coldness, the lack of approachability, and the lack of any discernible structure which goads the listener. It was difficult to like even on a clinical, cognitive level. ‘Alms for the Poor’ is the only track which sounds like the Parquet Courts of previous albums, and it’s 45 seconds of noodling really. Still, its serves as some relief from the unyielding salvo of obnoxious noise. 



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