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Beliefs - Leaper

by Jim Harris Rating:9 Release Date:2015-11-18

Any fan of early-to-mid-90s shoegazing/dreampop has to admire how well Beliefs echo, copy, pay homage to and simply expound on the virtues of this never-to-be-forgotten genre. Hailing from that rich Toronto music scene, this sophomore effort from Beliefs continues in the waves of gauzy fuzz guitars, dreamy drones, and just the right mix of whispery vocals, both male and female, that worked so well in that brief period of musical brilliance back in the 90s.  

It’s no small irony that one of the finest tracks on Leaper is titled ‘1992’. Beliefs echo Ride and MBV on virtually every track, mimicking MBV more than any band I’ve ever listened to. (‘Colour of Your Name’ for instance, sounds like a lost track from any one of MBV’s albums).

This is not a criticism any more than you criticize Rancid for sounding like the Clash or Social Distortion echoing Johnny Cash or any number of punkabilly bands from the past.  Beliefs, with their matching black mop top haircuts, washed out dreamy vocals, and endless waves of feedback, distortion, and steady drones, evoke a period, that while many are trying to evoke nowadays, few do really well.

Beliefs does it very well.  The tracks from the opening track on down stand as a cohesive musical journey back to a wonderful period in rock music.  It would be a joy to see them live.

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