The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Mini Album Thingy Wingy

by Steve Ricciutti Rating:7 Release Date:2015-11-16

The 15th and latest offering from The Brian Jonestown Massacre, the seven song EP Mini Album Thingy Wingy, is the first I’ve really heard of the group, despite many friends telling me to give them a try over the last few years. I’m glad I finally decided to do so.

Recorded in singer/songwriter/ex-pat Anton Newcombe’s Berlin, it relies heavily on their established psychedelic reputation, opening with 'Pish', a watery dirge collaboration with Tess Parks. There’s a gorgeous video for the song and you can dig on the smart lyrics. Particularly appealing to me is: “I know my name/ I feel no shame/ no shame at all.” It’s a haunting and wonderful song.

'Get Some', chugs along to a perfect Velvets sound, with throwback lyrics to the pop psychedelia of the sixties. It's easily my favorite song and one that you’ll want to own in any way you can. “Mandrake Handshake” is a hypnotic instrumental with little flash but plenty of languorous groove.  “Dust” a cover of seminal psychedelic band The 13th Floor Elevators, serves as a fitting and lovely tribute to one of BJM’s influences.

The cheekiness that has been a part of the band since they created their name appears in the final track, “Here Comes the Waiting for the Sun,” a song that has only the name in common with either track.  

I’m not a huge fan of psychedelic rock, but there are enough moments on this EP that have me questioning my prejudices. On the cut “Leave it Alone,” Newcombe croons, “It’s speaking some language, but what does it mean?” I don’t have an answer. And I’m totally fine with that.


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