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Jamie Woon - Making Time

by D R Pautsch Rating:7 Release Date:2015-11-06

Making Time is the difficult second album from Jamie Woon. Difficult due to the relative lack of success of his debut effort Mirrorwriting, a dubstep-leaning set of tracks from an artist granted fourth place on the BBC's Sound of 2011. Like many on those yearly lists from Auntie, he managed to underwhelm the great masses.  

However, Mirrorwriting was a solid debut effort, boasting no little amount of funk mixed with a silky smooth delivery. This follow up goes far more towards the smooth end of the scale far and skips the electronics at times for acoustic guitar. As a result Woon sounds "smoother than a cashmere codpiece" at times, to quote Stephen Fry, and at others funkier than he did on previous efforts.


There are several tracks which have enough invention and melody to separate them from standard fare.  Movement is a classic rnb number that has a layered vocal approach that sounds like Alexander O'Neal at his best until everything gets mixed up with acoustic guitar towards the end and it becomes a swaggering soul behemoth of a track.  Celebration sees Woon trying to sound old beyond his years by employing gravelly voice, the weird thing is it works.  It employs horns in the background to sound shiny new and old at the same time.  Thunder is an acoustic work out with vocals trying to sound like its own instrument amongst orchestration and acoustic guitar.  It just about gets away with it.  However, on tracks like Skin and Forgiven Woon sounds like the mainstream rnb man his record label probably wished he was.


Perhaps the problem with Making Time is that is not inventive enough,  It doesn't sound like a fresh voice, more like one discovering old tunes and being inspired by them.  That's no bad thing and this is no bad album.  It has enough here to stick in your mind for a while and like its predecessor it is certainly better than its album sales and success will probably tell you it is.

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