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Frankie Cosmos - Fit Me In

by Brian Lange. Rating:5 Release Date:2015-11-13

Greta Simone Klein is Frankie Cosmos. Hipster cuddly and disgustingly Brooklyn is this 21-year-old musician with 20 releases under Frankie Cosmos and almost double that under other monikers since the early 2010s. 

GarageBand and Bandcamp sounding lo-fi indie music is what this four-track EP is all about. There are hints of throwbacks to bands like A-ha and similarities to more current bands such as Au Revoir Simone, Chairlift, and Hanne Kolstø. I really hate using the term 'Brooklyn' to describe music, but this music is so Brooklyn. 

There isn’t a lot of depth to this sort of music. What it relies on is catchy riffs and hooks that, while they do have an appealing element to them, are short of amazing.  Slow loops and canned beats have dreamy shoegaze appeal, but a “I’m such a bored hipster” vocal styling just gets irritating after a while. 

Having said all that, there is evident talent in Frankie Cosmos.  She knows how to make lo-fi apartment music like the best of them.  This sort of music certainly has an immense fan-base and surely, once discovered, Frankie Cosmos would be widely accepted by many. 

She seems to be a prolific songwriter, perhaps with an inability to edit herself of develop conceptually solid works.  The concept of the album may be dead to some, and whether this was her purpose or not, her music does not have longevity and is instead quickly disposable. 

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Frankie Cosmos - Fit Me In - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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