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Bloodhounds On My Trail - Escape II

by Rob Taylor Rating:7 Release Date:2015-11-12

From the stable who brought you the Ummagma release, and the forthcoming Stella Diana album, come Australian shoegazers, Bloodhounds on My Trail, an evocative name. Escape II has all the gauzy dreaminess of the genre music which precedes it. 

Raphalite Records, with patronage like Cocteau Twins alumni Robin Guthrie, appear to have adopted a model whereby the progenitors of the general dream-pop form are providing encouragement and impetus to a younger generation of musicians. The speed of transaction across the world now makes this possible. On Escape II, Ummagma provide a remix to the track ‘Jolly’.  

Bottom line, as always, does this music hold up to scrutiny of the conception, the recorded sound, the playing and the writing. The answer is a qualified yes. The distant entrance of quavering guitars on ‘Old Fools’ play like the melodic cousin of JAMC, or the Brian Jonestown Massacre slowed down about 25%. Being steeped in the Australian underground as I was, it’s almost a convention for alternative aussie bands to value the melodic underbelly of a song, and ‘Old Fools’ follows this convention, as the guitars ring out a buzzing narco-tune with some lovely slippery bass to keep you in the moment. Lovely stuff. ‘She’s In My Plans’ warbles about affixed as it is to the general pace of hallucinatory experience, and is like a beautiful soundtrack to the pathways of the mind as it processes a mixture of melancholy and bliss. 

Alas, it can be a fraught music and when the balance of pop and ephemeral beauty are not quite right, there can be a flatness about the result. I felt this way about ‘Jolly’ which failed to emote as the title suggests. Not a bad song, mind you, but just reminds that ‘Escape II’ as a whole is a bit short on variations of mood. 

Overall though, I reckon these guys are great and I’m expecting big things. Listen to ‘Old Fools’ and zone out to gorgeous sheets of sound.

Out on Raphalite Records on 20th November.

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