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The Fuzz - Best Kept Secret

by Jeff Penczak Rating:7 Release Date:2015-10-16

Not to be confused with one of Ty Segall’s numerous side-projects, the third album of melodic garage-punk from Seattle vets The Fuzz rips its way through dueling buzz-saw guitars and a whole lotta shakin’ and bakin’ going on in the rhythm-section. The members’ backgrounds in hardcore and grunge shouldn’t send you running for the doors, as these guys temper their aggressive attack with catchy melodies that leave you hanging in to the end of each track.

I hear some ‘Mats-styled devil-may-care attitude racing through the sessions, and tracks like ‘Wilt’ chug along with the dirty-ass Wolf-man Howlin’ along for the ride. Other tracks meet at the intersection of ZZ Top and Dead Kennedys (bitchy ‘tudes trading barbs with fancy fretwork and tasteful solos popping in while you crack up a few more cold ones).

Between them, ‘She Believes’ and ‘Locked Out’ clock in just over two-and-a-half minutes, so perhaps some further development would make them more memorable, but in keeping with a Hard – Fast – Rules! dynamic, everything whizzes by frightfully fast so maybe that’s all the time they need!

           So if your idea of a night on the town involves rolling around on the floor and slam dancing or stage diving with your besties, dig The Fuzz and have your cardiologist on speed dial.

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