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Cheatahs - Mythologies

by Jim Harris Rating:7 Release Date:2015-10-30

The worst thing I could say about an earlier EP by the Cheatahs was that I wanted more music. They have all the elements of that dream-pop, shoegazing revival of music from the early 90s you could imagine: sonically charged guitar textures, melodic drones, swirley-gig progressions, and now, with the release of Mythologies ,there is a full-length Cheatahs album that doesn’t disappoint.

This is an accomplished set from this London-based band. Yes, it’s easy to hear their influences - Ride, Slowdive, a touch of MBV, Swervedriver. This band is as in love with this sound as anyone.

Mythologies, however, shows the band either maturing or being more deliberate in expanding past the shoegazing influences and into a structured dream-pop that expands into the early 00s with several tracks which sound more like M83 than Lush or Ride. The first track, ‘Red Lakes’ illustrates this pretty simply and such tracks ‘Murasaki’ and ‘Mysteci’ continue in this dream pop progression.

Therein lies my only minor issue with Mythologies in general.  Several of the tracks seem a little too precious, a bit too dreamy for my tastes.  This is a solid set of carefully crafted beautiful tracks, but that dreamy, M83 sound may have some commercial possibilities, but I dislike it. 

As I recall the Cheatahs cited such bands as Husker Du and the like as their influences early on, and they definitely have the abilities on the frets for interpretation, but too many stretches of dream pop and lighter side guitar progressions dilute them a bit here.  I prefer the heavier side of swirling cascades of guitars like Catherine Wheel and Husker Du and the best of MBV from that time period.  Crank it up, stretch out the drones. 

But I am sure this band can crank it out live and if they ever pass your way, they would be well worth seeing.

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