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Super Fast Girlie Show - Don't Go Down Gentle

by D R Pautsch Rating:6 Release Date:2015-10-28

What is punk music? To say it is a style of music would be missing the point as many punk artists had different styles, from new wave to almost ska and reggae. To say it was an attitude would probably be closer. If you were to define UK punk music, it would almost certainly include short songs with loud guitars, little musicianship and lots of aggresion.  

Super Fast Girlie Show have been defined as punk - they really are not. They have short songs (nothing here is three minutes long). They have loud guitars and aggression. But they are not sneering, they sure can play, and they aren't angry. How can you be aggressive without being angry? I don't know... but this manages it.

Don't Go Down Gentle is a curious beast.  Its greatest strengths are its greatest weaknesses.  Roller Derby (stole my baby) sounds like the most straightforward song Queens of the Stone Age never made, it could easily fit on Rated R.  Its just a thrash around with lots of bass (there are two bassists) and a returning, repeating riff.  1980's is an opening track that promises so much and delivers a short burst of guitar heaven. Each track stomps into place and delivers a brief piece of guitar, fuzz and joy.  And then its gone, before it had time to imprint itself.  Before you learn to love it.  Then, when all the album is done, you are left with a smile on your face and a tapping foot.  But you can't remember why.  Nothing quite sticks.  Nothing lingers.  Its frustrating, as what is here is infinite fun.  But you just don't connect enough to it as its too short, too similar and just too straightforward.  Live this band would be amazing fun I guess.  Here they just haven't pulled it off.

This could be a great start to a career, there is much promise.  However, its not quite the fulfilling stomping success it could be.

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