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Shadow in the Cracks - Shadow in the Cracks

by Jim Harris Rating:8 Release Date:2015-10-28

Brothers Jim and Mike Blaha, the main ingredients of popular Minneapolis surfer-punk band The Blind Shake, have gotten the attention of Goner Records and released a side-project called Shadow in the Cracks. And what a solid project at that. While there isn’t much surfer-punk here, there is lots of creative noise around carefully constructed baritone guitars, pounding beats, and sinister, echoey vocals. This is as good a noise-metal album as there has been all year.

The first track, ‘Timeless’, is a nicely dark tune based around a kick-drum that sets a wonderful tone for the whole album and transitions into a truly catchy, bombastic guitar riff on the second track, ‘2800 Meters’. This is a quality album from top to bottom, with only a middle instrumental dragging it down a bit, but not much.

The title track is strong and puts together all the noisy dark elements brilliantly and the final track is a near phenomenal take on some early Zeppelin, as ‘Ship Rolls In’ sounds alternately like ‘When the Levee Breaks’ and some of the pure noisy power of the blues off of Zeppelin II.  While the first few tracks here have that Odonis Odonis layers of noise and tension feel to it, the second half of the album structures the layers a bit more.  It all works to great effect however.

If Shadow in the Cracks is a side project, I wouldn’t be surprised if through Goner Records, it becomes more than that.  The brothers Jim and Mike have it going here.

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