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Chorusgirl - Chorusgirl

by Steve Ricciutti Rating:10 Release Date:2015-11-13

After years of playing in other bands, singer and songwriter Silvi Wersing formed Chorusgirl, with whom she repeatedly demonstrates a sharp sense of pop harmony and what made the 80s such an underrated era in rock. Her ghostly, low-key vocals, heavenly harmonies, surf-soaked guitar riffs, jangly rhythms, touches of near-kitschy synth, and four-on-the-floor drumming, all pushed through lots of echo and chorus make for an album of near perfection.

As many have already attested, this band are richly steeped in elements of 80s-90s alt-pop such as The Cure, Lush, and The Breeders. To that list, might I also add a strong dose of John Hughes soundtrack artists, the bass-driven vibe of Joy Division, and Viv Albertine.

Their first single, the opener “Oh To Be A Defector,” encompasses much of their strengths; a lilting bass riff, Motown harmonies, a nifty riff, and Silvi’s lovely voice. “No Moon” is one of my favorite songs in recent memory. I find myself singing the chorus all day long at work, even as it pops back into my head as I type this; it’s that addictive. It is hands-down my favorite song of 2015.  “Girls of 1926” opens with a fuzzy chord riff that harkens back to Nevermind from Nirvana, and “This Town Kills” keeps pushing the buttons that work, with a retro guitar melody and the deadpan line, “…and they suffocate you!”

“We Care About You” is pure Cure and “Shivers” schizophrenically plays with song formula by injecting the copped riff from The Waitresses Christmas song (“Christmas Wrapping”) in between dreamy psych-pop verses. It’s not often that I enjoy every song on a disc, let alone on their first recording, but that’s how good Chorusgirl’s eponymous effort is.

Chorusgirl has created one of the better debuts I’ve heard in a while and one of the best, if not the best album I’ve heard this year. The group hits a powerfully sweet spot for me. The affinity for 80s UK alterna-pop, surf, jangle, and noise is obvious and lovingly embraced by the band. Through ten songs, they demonstrate the ability to mesh these influences with a unique identity; something far too few musical acts properly balance, particularly this early in the game. I will be following their career with keen interest, and if you wish to see a great band in a small setting before things blow up, I’d suggest you check your UK listings and catch them live. I’m hoping they can get stateside, but this fantastic cd will tide me over until then. It's truly a stunning cd. 


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