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Trevor Ransom - Glimpses EP

by Joseph Majsterski Rating:7 Release Date:2015-11-01

Glimpses is Trevor Ransom's debut EP, a brief little taste of his musical sensibilities, which are for the most part quite pleasing to the ears. He's positioned himself in a spot somewhere between ambient and new age, with most of his pieces guided by melancholy piano work over big pads and other electronic atmospherics.

Most of the songs give a real feeling of space, such as opener 'Out of Focus in the Forest' leading with something like a super slowed down siren drifting in and out, before some nice reverbing echoes and big, sparse beats come in towards the end, along with some very particular melodic accents that strongly recall David Housden's work for the soundtrack to indie video game Thomas Was Alone. 'Cathedral', with its heavenly choir that drops in from time to time, also uses the exact same type of plinking, numinous synth. It also works itself into a revelatory ecstasy towards its finale, with a staticky sensory overload.

Much of the work also seems influenced by BT's more introspective work. 'Rags' has the same tendency to switch back and forth between modes, at once pure piano, and then populated by beats and ethereal electronics. The title track, especially, builds into the cacophonous style that BT favors, before it fades away to almost nothing then reasserts itself once more.

This brief set feels quite intense and personal, and for the most part, it succeeds at conveying its emotional aims. There's definitely a sense of communion in this work, such that it could set the tone for some deep inward examination. People hungry for music with meaning would be well served looking into this set, and Ransom is certainly someone to keep an ear out for in the future.

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