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Victories at Sea - Everything Forever

by Brian Lange. Rating:7 Release Date:2015-10-29

It’s hard to find information about post-punk-revival-gothic-synthpop-shoegaze-indie band Victories at sea. With their latest release, Everything Forever, only pressing 300 copies, it would be money well spent to purchase one for your music corner.

Bands that first come to mind are White Lies and Vampire Weekend. There’s also a bit of New Order sprinkled in there. Though conceptually and musically quite different, I imagine Victories at Sea to be a hybrid of the three. People like hearing what sounds familiar, and undoubtedly this band has a slough of influences that will seep up through as you are listening. 

Take a look at the album art. What do you think of? There’s a bit of a looming darkness implied there.  With visually electronic static, you’d imagine that the band incorporates electronic elements into their sound.  There’s a bit of color there too, so the band isn’t all shoegaze gothic wristcutting sadness.  It’s quite upbeat, actually. 

I have no doubt that Victories at Sea deserves to be among the likes of White Lies and New Order.  With extremely limited record pressings that may not happen soon.  I would encourage you to support this great band. 


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