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VIDEO - The Entertainers

by Brian Lange. Rating:6 Release Date:2015-10-30

“Keep Austin Weird.” That’s what the Austin Independent Business Alliance decided to adopt as their official slogan to promote local businesses. Little did they know what it would mutate into.

VIDEO has laid claim to their own genre, 'hate wave', which, to be honest, is really nothing different than what Sonic Youth and Fugazi were doing years before. The music isn’t really hateful. Quite the opposite to be honest, as it's the sort that will get you wanting to punk out with others in that scuzzy underground club you love so much. 

VIDEO, as underground as they still may be, seem to already have an inflated sense of ego and entitlement as evidenced by some of their own promotional material (see: “VIDEO has invented their own genre”). They might be borrowing a bit from The Horrors, Titus Andronicus, or Fucked Up as well, but the thing is, if you’re stealing from influential bands but doing it well, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. 

They may have found a springboard to success because of the Austin music scene, where many musicians can gain incredible amounts of exposure, despite talent or reputation.  Austin seems to be the place to obtain a reputation, in fact.  VIDEO’s lack of experience shows slightly in the music, as this is only their second release (the first only pressing 1000 copies). 

This album is good.  Sort of.  It also lacks substance.  Sort of.  Undoubtedly this band seems to be the type to put on a great live show, but on a record I feel that I want something more.  An extra push for greatness.  Walk before you can run.  It’s got an energy and an unmistakable sort of vibe that you find in indie and punk bands before they “sell out”.  Possibly worth a listen for dedicated listeners of the genre. 

This is being released on Jack White’s label, so Jack has certainly seen something in these Austin boys.  Perhaps you will, too. 

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