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Younghusband - Dissolver

by Sean Hewson Rating:8 Release Date:2015-10-30

It says a lot for Younghusband that Robert Hampson from Loop (producer) and Warren Ellis from the Bad Seeds (violin), both from bands that sound entirely unlike Younghusband, wanted to contribute to Dissolver. It suggests that their music is making connections outside of the indie ghetto.
There is certainly something beguiling about their songs, a sadness in the changes and vocal melodies that recalls Gene Clark's songs with The Byrds or the darker side of UK Psychedelia (Relics,SF Sorrow). But this sadness is balanced out by the pretty guitar arpeggios that appear throughout the album,in much the same way as Peter Buck did on REM's early albums.
Their sound is ostensibly quite straight forward - two guitars, bass and drums playing in a vaguely Velvets/Byrds kind of way. However, Younghusband are a far from straight forward band. Some of their melodies are gorgeous, especially the choruses to Waverley Street and Broken Girls. They also like to throw random instruments into the mix - Noise/Synth on Blonde Blending, organ on Better Times and Heavy Expectations, and Warren Ellis's violin on the title track. In fact, Ellis adds several tracks of violin to Dissolver, building it into a politely epic album closer.
There is a lovely feeling to Dissolver that makes it more Autumn of Wistfulness than Summer of Love. The songs just fall out of the speakers at their own pace, slowly revealing an elegiac beauty.


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Great Review, Sean. This is a fine album. Analogy to Peter Buck's guitar additions and these is spot on...

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Thanks, Jim.

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