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Yoko & The Oh No's - Yoko and the Oh No's

by Steve Ricciutti Rating:7 Release Date:2015-11-20

Out of the gate, Yoko and the Oh No’s reach back to early 60s British Invasion sound, with snapping chords and a cocky, cheeky lead singer. 'She Knows It' and 'She’s Mine' are attention-getting starters, but things eventually lose steam and descend into a mixed bag of songs that sound more like attempts to sound like other bands than a stamp of positive identity.

There are some clear attempts at alt-pop that demonstrate they’re close to where they need to be.  'Nobody Wants to Know' could easily be on the radio and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear 'Love U', with it’s sing-a-long chorus, as some commercial soundtrack.

Through the 10 tracks, it’s clear the band has done some homework. The guitars provide plenty of trebly riffs and stinging two-string chords to carry the load, but the vocals seem out of place and some songs veer off in directions that don’t jibe.

The lead vocalist has a strong and appealing voice, yet one that seems more at home with pop or rhythm and blues than in such a retro pop-punk outfit. This renders the songs as contrived and smooth, not very rock and roll and certainly not punk. 

I’d like to see the progression of this band over their next album or three. They’ve got the chops and pop-rock sensibilities, so the foundation is there. The question they need to answer is what type of band they want to be. I'm curious to find out.

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