The Black Heart Rebellion - People when you see the smoke, do not think it is fields they’re burning

by James Weiskittel Rating:8 Release Date:2015-10-28

The Black Heart Rebellion has been quietly crafting a pretty solid catalog of independent releases over the past few years. Pushing the boundaries and blurring the edges of post-rock, this band of feisty Belgians is getting set to release what will surely be recognized as their best full-length release to date.

People, when you see the smoke, do not think it is the fields they're burning (purely for the sake of space, we are going to use People... from here on out) is a terrific slab of industrial-tinged post-rock that instantly recalls the seminal releases of bands like Neurosis, Pelican and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.   

From the opening middle-eastern tinged drone of "Body Breakers", it quickly becomes apparent that People... is very much the case of a band 'doubling down' on their sound.  Songs like "Flower Bone Ornaments" and "Bow And Silk Arrow" carry with them a sense of refinement that only comes with 'putting the time in'.  The tortured howls and feedback-drenched guitars are still there, but The Black Heart Rebellion has expanded upon all of the disparate intricacies that made Har Nevo (their superb 2013 release) such a gem, garnering a tangible sense of poignancy in the process.

People… continues to ebb and flow between moments of chaos and subdued melody culminating in the fierce one/two punch of "Rust" and "Violent Love" that will simply leave listeners speechless.  The record is steeped in layers that will continue to reward the patience of repeated listens.  And with the ‘DIY’ production that accompanied previous releases still firmly in place, there is just enough sonic polish in place to serve the songs and performances.

For both the uninitiated (fans of drone/doom/post-rock) as well as those already 'in the know', The Black Heart Rebellion's People, when you see the smoke, do not think it is fields they're burning is a 'must listen' album; it's as simple as that.

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