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Dilly Dally - Sore

by Jim Harris Rating:8 Release Date:2015-10-09

Throw in a dose of early Courtney Love, a dose of Kim Deal, a little bit of angry Francis Quinlan from Hop Along, and an unhealthy dose of a possessed Catholic girl having an orgasm during an exorcism (And we all like that once in a while, now don’t we?), mix it with intriguing if not a bit stock grunge metal, and you have a great new band out of Toronto called Dilly Dally.

While they might fall into the noise-punk category, there is a certain pop esthetic that oozes around the edges of the songs on Dilly Dally’s first album, Sore. With the opening tracks, ‘Desire’ and ‘Ballin Chain’, you feel  the out-of-control quality of the structure but sense a Nirvana-like aesthetic that puts this band above the rest of the scene and with a following song, ‘Snake Head’,  about menstruation where Katie Monks, the lead singer shrieks that there is blood between her legs…  (I bet there is…) Well, bring it on…

There is nary a weak track in this mess of noise and angst and near-brilliance and with lots of volume and complex gritty vocals mixed with snide, spit-in-your-face lyrics, Katie Monks and her band do the Toronto music scene justice with a break out album.  And how does it end?  Like someone lighting a cigarette afterwards, just Katie and a piano.  Perfect.   If you liked Hole and that whole Nirvana grunge scene from way back, and enjoy the current noise punk scene, Dilly Dally’s Sore won’t disappoint.

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So many tongues and cute front teeth gaps are featuring on album covers this year. Freud lives on.

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