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Fuzz - ll

by Rob Taylor Rating:7 Release Date:2015-10-23

Ty Segall releases more albums than your average 15-year-old boy releases pheromones, and the two concepts merge on II, with enough head-bangin’ clutter to fill one of your local infirmary’s padded rooms. Hell, on II they even join the hordes of Tuareg inspired guitar freaks for a trip through classic rock via the Sahara. I gotta admit, the guy has immense talent but most of the time I’m thinking, haven’t I heard him do this before?

There’s some colossal riffing going on here. I just wish I had the hair to do it justice. So, anyway, I just played this to my neighbour to grow his appreciation of what a cool dude I was, even though he looked at me like I was some emotionally retarded rock misfit. There may be more truth to that than I care admit, and Segall, in truth, can rock harder than Phil Lynott on acid, so power to him. Right on.  

For fans of Ty Segall. 

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