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MY DISCO - Severe

by Brian Lange. Rating:7 Release Date:2015-10-30

Australian band MY DISCO sound absolutely nothing like disco. MY DISCO’s website describes the sound as “…an album of aggravated tonal darkness and long breaths of disturbing silence, punctuated by pounding stabs and heavy, hypnotic rhythms. It is a minimalist approach to maximum sound, and by far the band’s darkest, heaviest, and most consistent album of MY DISCO’s burgeoning career.”

These dark and haunting tones sound more like a sacrifice about to take place in an underground labyrinth. This underground labyrinth may not be entirely beyond the scope of possibility. Their first gig was in a café just outside Melbourne, and they have since taken to unconventional locations for their live performances, including sidewalks, art galleries, warehouses, and the like. 

Formed in 2003 with members Rohan Rebeiro, Liam Andrews, and Ben Andrews, MY DISCO is most commonly known as a minimalist indie band.  Their experimental approach to music with complex time signatures comes through in this dark piece.  Though elements of a dance/beat sort of genre do peek through, Severe is really more of a haunting post-rock album.  Echoing drum beats are eerily tribal and ritualistic, further painting a picture of sacrificial music that might be heard in underground tombs.  Lyrically, vocals are difficult, if not impossible, to discern.  Distorted through a moaning sort of delivery with a gassy filter, vocalist Liam Andrews might just be the one brandishing the blade, ready for your contribution to his trophy case.

Though at times this amalgamation of reductive “art rock” comes across as monotonous and anxiety inducing, this work definitely holds together conceptually.  As far as genre is concerned, they definitely do not fail to be creepy and disturbing.  Fans of Swans should definitely have a listen. 

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I listened to 'King Sound'. The sound is kind of punctuated and bludgeoning. You described it well Brian.

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Cheers, Rob. It's the type of record that grows on you.. you might find yourself zoning out with it.

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