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Kelley Stoltz - 4 New Cuts

by Steve Ricciutti Rating:10 Release Date:2015-10-30

Over the course of this four-sound EP, from the opening cut 'Peoples Park', a lovely bit of psychedelic pop, to the twangy compulsion of 'Some Things', Kelley Stoltz gives the listener a captivating sampling of his talents and his influences. Stoltz gets his Kinks on with 'Put That in Your Pipe', driven along by an acoustic rhythm and clever storytelling lyrics that would make Ray Davies proud. 'Redirected' reminds me of The Church and REM with the echo on the voice, the sing-along chorus, and the jangly guitars.

Only four songs, but they’ve got me quite interested in hearing what else Stoltz puts out and I can’t stop playing this over and over. Great stuff.   

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