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Slow Riot - CATHEDRAL EP [10" VINYL]

by Nathan Fidler Rating:5 Release Date:2015-10-23

When you’re tackling a well-worn genre, it pays to have your own spin on things. Slow Riot are going for that simmering post-punk, romanticised indie-rock most recently smothered by Interpol and Editors, but which was defined by Joy Division. So what do they bring to the game?

The answer is not much. The thing which makes this EP worth listening to is how well they play to the sound. ‘Demons’ and ‘Adele’ have the sleek, but dour sound of robots shimmering with emotion, while ‘City of Culture’ is a thicker, more driven track. ‘Cooper’s Dream’ meanwhile, closes up the EP by solidifying the fact that this is a band who have most certainly been influenced by Interpol or Joy Division - or both.

Cavernous guitars and flat vocals, mixed with the odd driving bass line, are the the tropes which this band pull off so well. There are moments where the sound comes across like a crashing waterfall as they attempt to take it to the next level, but they seem penned in by the limitations of the genre which they’ve thrust upon themselves.

Where the songs really struggle is their length. Only one track comes in under four minutes, while the opener and closer come up near six minutes. Perhaps it’s because you’re so used to the sound already, but by shaving off the excess fat in these tracks, they would get much more punch and staying power. By outstaying their welcome, it simply becomes a tiresome slog to listen to the EP in its entirety.

Fans of the aforementioned bands in this genre can clutch to yet another tiny beacon, but anyone wanting a new twist to the tale will need to sit tight.

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