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Nightspace - Untrue EP

by Joseph Majsterski Rating:7 Release Date:2015-10-22

Nightspace could not have timed the release of their new EP, Untrue, much better. This creepy little set is perfect Halloween music, gloomy and dark as it is. One can easily imagine it as the soundtrack of a horror flick or something a serial killer might play in his hideaway.

The lead track, 'Sacrifice', in particular conveys a real sense of dread, sounding like it was recorded in a basement or bomb shelter, all echoes and misery. 'Mean Kids' has a freaky reverbing bassline that stumbles its clumsy way through the middle of the song, with ghostly synths and more desperate vocals. 'False Priest' channels old old Thrill Kill Kult, back when they were less trash glam and more Satanic, sounding like a victim being chased through a house of horrors with little hope for survival.

The album takes a crazy turn though for its title track, moving into a dreamier, almost chillwave space, with none of the creepy impending doom of the previous tracks. Even the vocals are breathier and less mournful, although the final notes remind you that the whole experience was like something out of a Friday the 13th movie. Altogether, the effect is one of deeply unsettling unease, like you're not safe in this world and might be well advised to look over your shoulder more often.


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