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Editors - In Dream

by Nse Ette Rating:7 Release Date:2015-10-02

For album number five, Editors self-produce and largely ditch the guitars for a dark electro sound. Opening cut 'No Harm' perfectly encapsulates this, with stark, swirling synths which gradually build and lead singer Tom Smith's vocals flitting from baritone to falsetto and back. Very Bowie meets Depeche Mode. 

'Ocean of Night' is a brooding ballad featuring Slowdive's Rachel Goswell adding some ethereal harmonies (she appears again on the similarly guitar-sprinkled 'The Law'), followed by the even gloomier (but still melodic) 'Forgiveness'. Upping the tempo is the catchy 80s indie-pop of 'Life is a Fear' (with Bowie-esque vocals), much like a ray of sunlight after all that darkness, while the falsetto-sung hypnotic synth-pop of "Our Love" takes another leaf from Depeche Mode as well as Bronski Beat. "Don't stop believing" they repeat in the songs piano-sprinkled coda. The stomping "All The Kings" is fittingly triumphant in feel with a tender piano coda ("Send me to Venus, send me to Mars"). Closing is the hymnal "Marching Orders" which slowly builds, falls back, then levels off. 

This isn't a commercial collection, but repeated play reveals its beauty. Fans of the band's earlier sound may frown as there isn't any "Munich" or "Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors", but those willing to allow the band spread their wings should enjoy the ride. 

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