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Evil Blizzard - Everybody Come to Church

by Ian Fraser Rating:8 Release Date:2015-10-16

They wear masks, adopt assumed names, and come toting four bass guitars and a full drum kit. Sound just a bit too cartoonish for you (please don’t use the word gimmicky, although I know that’s what you’re thinking)? Well, you could be forgiven for thinking so but first do take the time to listen.

Heavy and vaguely psychedelic rock straight outta Preston, shot through with a distinct note of Killing Joke bronco riding PiL, is the order of today’s service. We are all beckoned unto church and harangued from the pulpit with the question 'Are You Evil?'. It’s like a shot of adrenalin in the backside – see I always knew sitting on cold pews was dangerous.

The Lydon analogy continues not just with the bluntly titled 'Stupid People' but a melody which owes much to the “this is what you want (this is what you get)” mantra. It’s menacing and it treads a dark, dark, path. The momentum is maintained by “Bow Down And Prey” and the outstanding “Spread The Fear”. Fans of the live act will no doubt thrill to the inclusion of set staple “Sacrifice”, but just when you start to suspect a certain sameness and the déjà vu feeling of having heard it before and knowing what’s going to come next they chuck in a curve ball. “Balloon” deviates from script in terms of structure and delivery and introduces a bit of space into the otherwise insistent bludgeoning. The volume and pace reduces to reveal something both sinister and at the same time quite catchy and dare one say groovy.  It’s the closing track “Watching”, though, that makes it onto the iPad for me – a lengthy distillation of everything that’s good about the rest of the album, providing a loud, slightly hammy and barely controlled finale to bring the house and the curtain down.

In years to come people won’t be writing their PhD thesis or basing music theory lessons upon this little number but that’s not the point at all. It's a slightly off-kilter bout of fun and games that may or may not make it into your list of top 10 albums of the year. More certainly Evil Blizzard are going make it on to your bucket list of “must see” bands in the next 12 months. Get ‘em while they’re hot.

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