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Weyes Blood - Cardamom Times

by Christina Bryant Rating:9 Release Date:2015-10-14

On her new EP, Cardamom Times, Weyes Blood's Natalie Mering explores the friction of love when the heart yearns for something it does not have or cannot withstand. Cardamom Times could be a series of essays on the crippling tension that occurs when you desperately feel one way, but gradually wake up to reality.

It could also be a four-part love story that takes place inside her mind: the disempowering infatuation, terrifying ecstasy, alienating truth, and finally the reclamation of self. Throughout, Mering's rich, mahogany voice is the driving force, draped over sparse frameworks of acoustic guitar, echoes of flutes, and reverb of electronic organ.

The sweet acoustic strums of "Maybe Love" speak to the hopeful "maybe" of love, that from the outside, looks like a perpetual friend zoning you want to help her avoid. "Take You There" is a brazen hymn, a fearful request for more, coupled with an insecure repetition of "do I take you there?" over tense chords. That is until she finds some strength and declares "I'm not scared, can I take you there?" and the chords finally give some resolve, some peace. "Cardamom" lays out the story of the cardamom princess and prince and their Summer dalliance that wound up bringing the pain she expected. But "In the Beginning" is the wake up. With beautiful clarity, Mering sings, "I gave my strength for years like an ox I pushed and for years like a ship I sank to the bottom of that unknown sea." She sings of what she learned until the cardamom princess asks "Have you ever walked in on a queen before?" It's interesting to note that while it's been either stark guitar or organ in the first three songs, "In the Beginning" brings them both together, in unity. 

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